The Ultimate Birthstone Chart with Birthstone Meanings

If you’re looking for a meaningful piece of jewellery, why not pick out a beautiful piece from our pawn shop with your partner’s birthstone? Birthstones are a great way to show someone that you are thinking of them because each birthstone has its own meaning that is special. There are many different interpretations of the meanings and some months have two are three stones. Here is a quick guide to the most common birthstones and meanings by month.


A garnet is a deep blood red stone. These beauties will keep the wearer safe during travel. Garnets are a great alternative to rubies as they are often less expensive.


Amethysts are a beautiful purple colour. They are said to give the wearer courage and to strengthen relationships.


March’s birthstone is aquamarine. These blue-green stones are the colour of the sea and are said to help people make friends.


It’s true what they say, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! This classic and popular stone means – you guessed it – everlasting love.


Emeralds have a beautiful deep-green colour and have several meanings. Fertility, rebirth, wisdom and patience are all qualities represented by this semi-precious gem.


June’s birthstone is the pearl. Purity and chastity surround this treasure of the sea. Natural pearls come in all different colours and shapes and the trick to discovering whether or not you have a real pearl is to run it lightly on your teeth; a  real pearl will feel gritty.


The red ruby is full of passion and love. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are wonderful alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings.


August’s birthstone is one of the only gems to come in only one colour: olive green. While the peridot stone may have varying tones, but they are always this green. The peridot represents strength.


Most recently made popular by Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the sapphire is a beautiful blue stone that is supposed to give the wearer wisdom.


The often milky white stone, the opal, gives flashes of iridescent colours and is a beautiful stone set off by yellow gold. It means faithfulness and confidence and is a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewellery box.


One of the hardest gems, topaz can be colourless, red, blue, green, brown… Its hardness is what distinguishes it from other stones. Each colour has a different meaning, the most common golden topaz meaning confidence and stamina.


This beautiful blue stone, turquoise, is relatively inexpensive as it is widely available. Is protects the wearer and may give a stronger connection to the spirit world.

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