Paul has been part of the pawn industry for 29 years and he’s passionate about his job and the people he serves. Paul believes that everyone faces different challenges in their walk of life and that each individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

In his many years of experience there is not much that he hasn’t seen or heard, so if you need an answer to a question, he more than likely has it. Paul is always pushing to bring the perception of our industry out of the dark ages, and promotes an honest, friendly safe place to do business.

He enjoys unique and interesting items, and loves it even more when he finds the right home for them. Paul extends an invite to all to come in, meet the staff and check out our clean organized store and our friendly business.


Even though Micheals’ size and stern demeanour can be a little intimidating at first, we here at Loan Star refer to him as “the old man”.

He’s professionally respectful, knowledgeable and actually a big teddy bear once you get to know him.  Michael has been in the pawn business for 25+ years and is our go-to guy when it comes to gold, diamonds and jewellery.

Whether it’s finding that special piece for someone or determining a fair and appropriate price, Micheal is committed to ensuring that his customers are respected and leave knowing and feeling that their overall experience was positive. However… we challenge you to get him to smile!


Amanda inherently understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset the company can have, and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience.

She definitely is one of our integral future leaders and has been diligently working in post-secondary to learn everything she can to ensure these values, goals and targets are met. Psst… a secret side goal of hers is to retire the “2 Old Guys” – her dad and uncle, so she and her team can make the business their own and bring it to the next generation.

She is by far the smartest, friendliest and most outgoing member of our team. You’ll always get a big “Hi, how are you today?!” from Amanda.

When Amanda’s around, you can be sure the store will be organized, the staff and clients will be in a great mood and no projects will be left unfinished.


Hey what can we say… he’s one of the funniest, fresh-faced, best dressed members of our team. With Austin it’s always go, go, go. He has this natural ability to make people laugh and trust me you will after spending any amount of time with him.

Austin has taken to our industry like he was born for it! Quick to smile and if you get him talking, he will leave you in stitches.

He also loves wheeling and dealing, so if you like to banter and barter, make sure you chat with him while browsing our store.


Our youngest member of the family, literally in age and in years of service.

Jesse brings with him a humbleness that most people forget is important in daily interactions and he is definitely a breath of fresh air for all of us.

Jesse tends to be a bit quiet and shy but as he continues to gain more experience, he will most certainly come into his own as he has a strong work ethic, a super contagious smile, and his eagerness to learn is impeccable.

We at Loan Star are glad to have him become such an important member of family and we’re looking forward to helping him grow!

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