How Much Can You Pawn A MacBook For?

When it comes to estimating how much your MackBook would be worth at a pawn shop, there will of course, be quite a big swing when considering how much cash you could walk away with.

Because there are so many types – whether it be a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″ or MacBook Pro 15″ – and around 10 models for each type, it becomes almost impossible to provide you with a guaranteed price before being able to evaluate your MacBook ourselves.

With that being said, we’re more than happy to explain how we’ll value your MacBook when you come in to pawn it and provide you with a general offer range for what you can expect to get.

Whether you’re deciding to sell your old laptop, or planning on pawning your MacBook as collateral for a same-day loan, here’s how we decide much to offer for a MacBook.

1. Determine The Model

The first thing we do is determine the exact model number of your MacBook. This can be found by turning on your laptop, clicking the Apple logo in the top left hand corner and About This Mac.

This will not only provide us the year and model of MacBook, but it’s storage size, too.

2. Determine The Year

Next, we’ll need to figure out which year’s model your Macbook is. We most commonly see 2013 MacBooks in store, but accept all different types.

Have a bit of an older Macbook Air?

It’s important to understand that any Apple computer that is from a previous generation (i.e., it has a different charging port or set up than what is currently being sold at Apple stores) will always be worth less than if it is from the current generation of Macbooks. 

3. Evaluate The Condition

We then evaluate the condition of the laptop. The main considerations that we’re looking at are:

  • Scratches – Are there are any scratched on the screen?
  • Dents – Are there any dents on the lid of the keyboard?
  • Missing Keys – Are all of the keys intact and in good repair or are some of them missing?
  • Case – Is there a protective case provided?
  • Charger – Is the laptop included and is it in good repair, fully functioning?
  • Ports – Are any of the ports damaged or are they all in good, functional condition?

4. Research Market Value

Lastly, like any good purchaser, we do our research! Curious what you could get for your MacBook?

We’ll check local resellers as well as Apple itself to gauge what this particular model of MacBook is currently going for.

So, How Much Can I Pawn My MacBook For?

In general, here’s how much our pawn shop will pay for a MacBook:

  • MacBook Pro (2012 – 2014)
    • $125 – $250
  • MacBook Air (2015 – 2017)
    • $170 – $300
  • MacBook Air (2019)
    • $500

One last thing before you go… Are you only planning on pawning your MacBook temporarily for a pawn loan? One non-negotiable part of our process is that we’ll need to remove all iCloud and Apple ID information from the laptop before we can write up the loan. For some people, this is a no-go, while others have no problem with it.

Take some time to consider if that will work for you, and if so, come on in and pay us a visit!