How To Pawn Your Macbook Air At A Pawn Shop

Wondering how to pawn your Macbook Air for some quick cash? Today, we share some helpful advice on how to pawn your Macbook Air at a pawn shop so the process goes as smoothly as possible!

Pawning or selling a Macbook Air are very similar processes, it’s just the end result is a little different.

When you decide to sell your old laptop, or wish to pawn it and use the laptop as collateral for a same-day loan, there are a number of steps you should take and consider to ensure you get the best price for your electronic goods.

1. Back Up Your Files

The first step you should take when you decide to pawn or sell your Macbook is to save a backup of all your files.

An external hard drive is a great way to save everything in a single place — and they come in large enough storage sizes that you can even back multiple computers onto the same external hard drive.

You can also choose to do a full backup of your computer onto the Cloud so that your files will be accessible anywhere, but a ‘hard copy’ so to speak is the most recommended option.

2. Clear Your Information

Your Macbook Air holds some of the most important personal information on it, so you want to be sure you wipe everything from it. 

Here’s how to get started:

  • Search engines – Make sure you log out of all search engines and clear all the history.
  • Disconnect your iPhone –  If you have an iPhone that is connected to your Macbook, disconnect all the messaging and erase that history.
  • Erase your Time Machine – To erase your Time Machine backup, search for Time Machine in Spotlight and click on the icon. Find the backup you want to delete (in this case, all of them) and select ‘delete backup.’

Go through all the steps to deleting your backups in the Time Machine and then you can proceed to a full factory reset.

To perform a factory reset on your Macbook Air:

  • Restart your Macbook – Simply restart your computer and hold Command + R until the Apple logo shows up, when the computer turns on your recovery page will appear.
  • Erase your data – Click on ‘Disk Utility’ then your startup disk, and choose to erase all data. This step is relatively well-known when selling personal computers, but it should not be your first step.

Deleting all your Time Machine backups ensures that the next owner will have no chance of restoring your old computer information.

3. Collect The Accessories

The best way to get a good price for your Macbook is to have all the cords and necessary applications put together.

This includes the charging cord, a bluetooth usb reader, bluetooth headphones, and any other cords and add-ons you have that will increase the value of your computer.

4. Clean Your Macbook

Just the same way that having your car detailed or at least deep-cleaned before you try to list it on Kijiji, it’s important to make sure the item you’d like to sell to the the pawn shop is looking it’s best.

Ensure your laptop is looking it’s best by using a dry cloth and some screen cleaner to make sure your screen, keyboard and trackpad are free from dust, crumbs and stains and are looking spotless.

It’s a simple equation — people simply don’t value a dirty computer as much a clean and shiny one.

5. Visit Our Pawn Shop

Ready to roll? Come on in, we can’t wait to meet you.

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