A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Used Guitar

5 Helpful Tips for Buying Used Guitars in Edmonton

Learning to play the guitar is a difficult enough task, so we thought we’d help you get started with a few basic tips on choosing your first one.

It’s always nice to pick up a beautiful, brand new guitar but unfortunately the cost is usually astronomical for a nice guitar.

Definitely worth it, but it’s a lot of cash to plunk down if you don’t even know how to play.

Buying used is a great way to begin your musical journey!

1. Set a Budget

What are you willing to spend on your first guitar?

Keep in mind that cheaper guitars don’t have the sound quality that higher-priced guitars do.

When you buy from the pawnshop, luckily you can get more expensive guitars for a better price!

2. Decide on a Music Style

Are you into jazz and blues? Or is it grunge or alternative?

Are envisioning yourself as a campfire rock star…?

The musical genre you will be playing will affect your choice of guitar.

3. Choose Between Acoustic and Electric

Acoustic guitars are generally cheaper, more portable and versatile for many different songs and sounds.

However, electric guitars are a bit easier on the fingers, and louder. But you will need equipment to get the right sound.

4. Research Guitar Brands

Poke around and ask a friend or fellow musician which type of guitar they use or prefer, and why.

5. Play It Before You Buy It

Before you make an offer, play it a bit; press on different parts of the neck and listen for fret buzz.

If you are unsure, bring a friend who plays to check it out for you.

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